What is the Bechdel Test?

Named for a comic artist, who proposed the Bechamel test, it is a tongue-in-cheek test of the role of women in a particular movie.  It has three criteria which must be met in order for a movie to pass:

1.  Two women must talk to each other.

2. The conversation can be about anything except men.

2.  Each of the woman must have a name.

I won’t elaborate as there are many excellent sites out there to explain and comment on the test.  It is an eye–opener.  The sole purpose of this blog is to encourage comments on movies that pass or fail this test and to create a B+ list and a B- list.  I don’t intend to post anything more, but I will post all relevant comments.


About Diane Scaiff

Education fascinates me as a teacher, a learner and observer. I constantly wonder why certain things work and others don't, why we are told to teach in ways that are not sound, pedagogically, when we all know better. I also wonder about the impact of teaching on teachers' lives. Does it change us? Does it affect our families? What about the effect of public perceptions of teachers and our roles in the communities? How can we be scapegoats once day and saints the next? How do we deal with this? How are students affected by these perceptions? I hope to address some of these questions and more that arise from my readers as time goes on. There may be no answers, but asking questions is important. Diane B.A. (hons), Dip R.S.A., M.A.(Ed) 25 years of teaching elementary students and adults, Qualified in ESL and adaptive education.
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